If you love getting your nails done but you do not have the time to go to the salon, that’s not a problem because if you know how to do it right, then you can definitely do it yourself right at the comforts of your home. Or maybe if you are traveling a lot, then you can get your manicure wherever you go. All you need is a guide on how to get it to look like a nail expert did your nails.

Step-By-Step Guide In Semi-Permanent Nails Application

Once you have the semi-permanent nail products that you can trust and an LED or UV lamp to help dry it out quickly, then it is time to learn the correct process of application. Remember that during this process, it is important that you have a good UV or LED lamp because when it comes to gel semi-permanent nails, it would be impossible to let it air dry no matter how long you leave them. To help you, let this be your guide to make sure that you are doing it the correct way.

  • Condition The Nails. Before you start painting your nails, it is important that they are well-conditioned. To do this, soak your hands in a bowl filled with warm water and hand soap. Leave it for 5 minutes before the next step. Then file them to give them the shape that you want. Then you have to remove the cuticle and also file the surface using a white block so that the varnish that you apply will stick better. Then push your cuticle back and cut any excess.
  • Apply And Dry. Once your nail prep is done, it is time to apply the nail polish. During this process, you will need three: base, colored varnish, and the top coat. All of these can be purchased from Semilac. Remember that as much as possible, avoid getting the products on your skin. The chemical composition can be very itchy once you have your hand under the UV lamp.ases semipermanentes
  • You first have to apply the base coat. It should be dried by placing your hand under the lamp. Once it’s dry, you can then apply a layer of the color of your choice, then dry it again. If you want to make the color brighter or darker, apply another coat, then dry. Once you are happy with the color, apply the top coat (can be glossy or matt) and place your hands under the lamp for it to dry completely.
  • Clean And Hydrate. Once your nail polish is applied as well as the top coat, it is important that you clean the surface using a cleanser. This will remove all the excess products, especially on your cuticle. Make sure that you hydrate your cuticles using a nutritive oil too.
  • Semilac Semi-Permanent Nails

Esmalte uñas semipermanente or Enamel semi-permanent nails is becoming a worldwide trend, especially for women who are always busy and can’t squeeze in a salon appointment to their hectic schedule. If you are one of them, then you should give this new technique a try. It is the fastest and probably the most durable manicure that you can get.

Semilac is one of the most trusted names when it comes to semi-permanent enamels. This is the brand who can provide you with everything that you need when it comes to manicure and nail care. So if you are looking for high-quality semi-permanent nail products, this is definitely the brand that you can trust.