Online purchases of weed in Canada are entirely legal. As long as you purchase from a medical dispensary that operates within the Canadian legal framework (such as Cannabismo), shipping will be handled by companies such as Purolator or Canada Post, which makes it impossible for your package to be stopped at customs when no taxes have been paid on the product. This means that if you live, for example, in Mexico and receive your shipment at your home address, it should pass through without problems and reach you safely and discretely.

Online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada will be allowed to sell weed and pot-related products to any adult who’s registered with a licensed producer through Health Canada’s online medical cannabis access system. Click¬†https://www.topshelfbc.comand buy quality weed.

This means there won’t need to be a physical link between the supplier and consumer — anybody over 18 years old can place an online order for home delivery by mail or courier.

Health Canada says that online distribution is another way to introduce competition into its fledgling medical cannabis industry. Still, questions remain about how this will work because of restrictions around packaging and shipping the drug.

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Until now, only licensed producers in good standing with Health Canada were allowed to sell directly online or ship their products in the mail. Other online sales channels in Canada, such as dispensaries operating illegally — sometimes called “grey market” retailers — will still be illegal.

Both online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries are not allowed to provide any form of a storefront to sell marijuana for recreational purposes even once the drug becomes legal. Individuals can grow up to four plants at home or have someone produce them on their behalf.

According to David Clement, North American affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Center, the Canadian government doesn’t want online sales because mail-order delivery is associated with the illicit online distribution of drugs.

The prohibition around online distribution has created a “massive grey market” that’s existed since medical cannabis laws were introduced in 2001, says Ian Dawkins, president of Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada.

A recent online survey suggests online distribution could be an effective way to make medical marijuana accessible. Still, the government’s delivery restriction means even online sales won’t help a widespread black market develop.

In addition, two-thirds reported having been unable to get the drug when needed for medical reasons despite being registered with Health Canada, a statistic the online dispensary industry says shows a need for more options.