The NFL is nothing but the National Football League. But the NFL 2019 is considered to be something special when compared to other seasons. This is because it is the 100th season and hence the expectation over this league is also considered to be higher than they sound to be. This article is a dedication for the people who are highly interested in knowing better about this season.


This season commenced on 5th September 2019. It got started with the kickoff game. And the championship game of this season was scheduled on 2nd February 2020. This event is to be conducted in Miami, Florida. In Miami, this event is to be conducted in Hard Rock Stadium. And everything is set ready to rock the event at its best. In order to know about the teams and their matches, one can refer their official website.

Rule change


The other interesting thing with this year event is the change in rules. Some rules have been changed and it has been officially approved. Many rules have been changed and they were made in the most interesting way. Some players were suggested to change helmets and some were allowed to use their previous helmets. The pass plays will be subjected to pass inference reviews. The other rule was also followed in the midway of the event. This rule was introduced before the approval from the committee. In the previous matches, the drop kicks will be used on the kickoffs. But this rule has been changed. The drop kicks cannot be used as of before.

NFL questions

There are many interesting questions which are heading about the season 2019. The 2019 NFL Biggest Questions is also discussed in many websites. The crazy lovers of this season can check out the web reviews in order to know about these factors in detail. It is to be noted that in order to get the honest answer for their questions, they must make sure to choose the best website which involves the honest reviews. In order to get instant update, one can also feel free to subscribe the newsletter.