Finding a fabulous place to live is a dream to many. While it becomes a too expensive affair for some, others step back not wanting to compromise on quality and amenities. Very few developments offer all-in-one comfort, and if you can find out one, you should have grabbed a lucky mascot. Dairy Farm Residences Dairy Farm Road is an all-new residential project with all the sought-after amenities that modern buyers look for. Developed by United Engineers Limited, Singapore’s leading pioneers of development, the project promises peaceful living with luxurious amenities.

Experience a tranquil living place:

Dairy farm Residences Hillview is a calm and relaxed neighbourhood where you can have a close association with nature. The quiet breeze and high hillocks will steal away your heart and demand fora longer stay. This is not all; you have many more things that you can do in and outside society.  They have restaurants, malls; children play areas, amusement parks and sports like Tennis and Badminton for sports lovers. You can experience a joyful day throughout which is not otherwise possible.

Dairy farm road

Shop for the best of things near Dairy farm road:

You can visit many shopping areas and malls in and around Dairy farm road and Hillview. There are a lot of eateries for food lovers and malls shopping freaks like HillV2 and Rail mall.

Interaction with nature:

The Hillview area is also a treat to nature lovers with gorgeous greenery around like many nature parks like Bukit Batok nature reserve and Bukit Timah nature reserve. If you are a racer, then Hillview Dairy farm has many tree trials for adventure riding. So, weekends are going to be great fun for you.  Clubbing with nature, after all, is a great leisure pastime.

The first shopping mall- Hillview V2:

This mall is situated adjacent to MRT station, which means you have suitable transport facility to visit this place. It is very close to Dairy farm Residences. Also, Hillview residents can have excellent accessibility to HillV2 shopping centre.  There are varieties of world cuisine available in the eateries of the mall and lively fashion for your wardrobes and all these at your doorstep!!!  Some fabulous eating spots are Italian Oteria, Wine connection Bistro, Dean and Deluca and Cedele baking Kitchen.

These are some of the many facilities around the area. You can expect more once you start living in the place and experience the rich living culture of the home.