LinkedIn is more than just a job website. It matches people with employers and companies and business personnel with the skilled people they need. It’s a platform that makes reaching out to people easier. LinkedIn is also one of the best marketing platforms out there. Easy connections with businesses and potential leads are possible. And the best thing, all your leads will consider your pitches given that it’s created properly.

If LinkedIn is your preferred platform for finding leads, you need a tool that helps in finding working emails for each lead. Anyleads can help you with this.

How? Through these features:

LinkedIn Email Finder Tool

There are a lot of potential leads in LinkedIn if one knows how to find them. Manual searches are also effective. But they take a lot of time and effort. Tools like Anylead’s Email Finder makes the process faster and easier. It also helps consolidate needed information in one sheet or database. Apart from the emails, you also need to know their affiliations in order to create a pitch that will interest them.

 Campaign builder feature for immediate outreach.

The Email Finder tool is just one of the features of the whole Campaign Builder feature. You gather leads. Consolidate these leads in one place and filter them according to specific metrics and standards. Afterward, you start reaching out through emails. If you need to toggle from one platform to another, it’s very inconvenient. On top of that, errors may occur. A good lead turns cold all of a sudden because of bad emails. Having one platform for the whole campaign creates better results and more success.


 Verify emails

Email verification is an integral part of any campaign promotion. If all the leads and contact information you’ve gathered don’t work, it’s just a waste of time. To verify an email means you make sure that it’s still functional and not a dead end. Finding emails won’t be as useful if you can’t use the ones you’ve found.

 LinkedIn Viral Maker

This specific feature is useful in order to increase visibility within the LinkedIn community. Anyleads allow their clients to use this feature to its fullest. The system is simple. You exchange likes with other people so your posts become viral and more visible. If you have this feature, there’s no need for constant monitors. This happens while you’re focused on more important things. The people you’re connected to are relevant to your niche industry as well.

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