Table routers work with many types of materials. They come in various shapes and sizes. It is necessary to select the best suitable router for home or any place. Certain features have to be considered compulsorily before selecting the router. Those are explained through the table routers guide below:

  • The base style of the router- It is necessary to check out this as it may differ from the needs of the individual. There are two types- fixed and plunge. The former is a bit lighter than the latter, but both have knobs on each side and holes for mounting. Some brands produce D-handle also. It is nothing but a D shaped handle that gives control of the grip.
  • Variable Speed for power- the power that is sent to the motor has to be adjusted, as, at certain times, the speed has to be reduced and with the help of the speed control, it can either be increased or decreased.
  • Soft Start- it is important to note if the machines are running smoothly and if it is initiated well. Any distraction of power will result in startling and huge noise. The speed is then caught with the router gradually increases it.

table routers guide

  • Electronic Feedback Circuitry- This helps in the smooth functioning of the router. It adjusts the torque according to the load and provides a smooth experience in cutting the wood.
  • Size of the collet- There are ¼ inch and ½ inches of router collets. It has to be considered when deciding upon small or large bits only.
  • Power- This feature is very important as it decides the overall condition and functioning of the router. Minimal power helps in the long run, in case of large power, it is essential to consider variable speed.
  • Table adjustment (above) – After mounting, it is required to adjust the cutting depth manually.
  • Spindle lock- This helps to change the bits using wrenches very easily.
  • Dust Collection- It has to be bought separately. The cutting process results in huge dust from the woods, thus in certain cases, there are dust collection options with the help of plastic guard.
  • Safety Interlock- This feature is available in selected routers. It supports less damage when changing bits.
  • Durability and build quality- Routers from trusted and branded companies give a better result, or to say, has a longer life as compared to the local sellers. The table routers guide provides the best options and suggestions to buy the best router.