Top 3 Benefits of Attending an International School

More and more people are supporting the concept of globalism. Learning about and accepting other cultures beyond the one you’ve grown up in is amindset thatmany people choose to adopt. And in the face of this newfound love for the multicultural and the diverse,enrolling ina British International School in Bangkok, Thailand—or, really, any international school—may prove to be extremely advantageous to you.

Culture & Diversity

Perhaps the foremost obvious benefit is diversity. Attending an international school anywhere gives you the chance to meet different people from largely varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Your schoolmates will no doubt be a mix of students from all seven continents, all coming from drasticallydifferentways of life.

The experience of learning about other cultures from the very people who live said culture is extremely valuable, and can prove to be an incredible asset to you later on.On top of that, it’s also immensely interesting. Attending a British International School in Bangkok, Thailand gives you thechance to exchange knowledge and compare personal lifestyles—an opportunity not many people will get to have.

Exposure To Multiple Languages

Humans are an incredibly social species. We thrive on communication and human interaction. Ergo, it’s no wonder thatschool is considered an extremely formative environment. The sheer amount of people you meet and form relationships with will greatly influence you long after you’ve all graduated.

As a student in an international school, you will be exposed to a plethora of foreign languages. While many international schools use English as their main language of instruction, there’s no stopping your peers from using their first language outside the classroom. The sudden onslaught of different dialects may overwhelm you at first, but overtime you will find yourself unconsciously picking up multiple different languages, especially from your friends.

You’ll definitely catch on to the simpler words used in conversation (i.e., greetings, exclamations, and street slang). And even if you don’t reach an expert level of fluency, knowing the fundamentals of basic conversation in that foreign language is still a pretty good boon.

More Opportunities

As we mentioned earlier, the multiplicityof an international school already gives you valuable life experience in terms of exposure and interaction with different cultures. Because of this, many international schools tend to include more extracurricular activity options within their curriculum in order accommodate the extremely diverse student population and their more varied areas of interest.

On top of extracurricular activities, this kind of colorful background can also give you a distinct advantage well beyond school grounds. Many businesses nowadays operate on the global scale, and employers are known to value traits such as multilingualism, open-mindedness, and a willingness to collaborate. Immersing yourself in the environment of a British International School in Bangkok, Thailand will undoubtedly give you all these skills—and more.

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