If you are planning to buy a mountain bike, then there are various factors that have to be taken into account. Main factor to consider for choosing a mountain bike is the purpose. As few people use the bike for the rugged and rocky mountain terrain according to the name implies and few use the bike in the paved way that a mountain bike is used on the bike paths and smooth handling. As, some also prefer taking the bike through the unpaved roads and trails to stick with the paths. The use is based on the kind of riding and the path you choose to ride. According to the kind of bike and riding, you should be able to handle the correlation of many kinds. There are three things that you need to pay attention like mountain bike tire, forks and the saddle. These three varies in use from place to place. Let us discuss it detail below

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Mountain bikes forks

In mountain bike, there are various things to look out. Main thing in all those facts is shocks. This adds comfortable ride in mountain bike. The bike with shocks is more comfortable than the bikes without shocks. This is also a better choice to go over the rougher terrain. If you prefer bike without shocks then it will give more rigid feel but you can feel that the bike is built for speed than mountain climbing. As xds bikes are designed to work with the better riding with or without shocks.

Mountain bike saddles

Saddles are added to provide a bit of padding effect. These saddles are light weight and do not have padding effect. There are some saddles that are heavier and offer lots of cushioning. In general saddles that are designed with less padding are designed to give high performance and bikes with lots of cushioning are designed to leisurely riding. As few bikes have shock absorbent seat posts and all these are based upon your choice.

If you prefer a high performing bike, then choose one that has saddles or if you want to buy a bike with more cushioning then consult with the bike company for customizing your choice. The xds bicycle company is a familiar one for the comfortable bikes in the market. Consult the company and get the customized bike from the company.

Mountain bike tires

When you prefer buying a bike for mountain ride, then prefer the cycle that has tires designed for the mountain purpose within the narrower and smoother purpose.