Cryptocurrencies have been booming in recent years and they still have a massive potential for extensive growth. As Bitcoin is the leading crypto of all time, it has the biggest potential to grow even further. The investors have already seen a massive increase in their income as a result of investing in Bitcoin. If you also want to get rich by getting some bitcoin, you should check out faucets that give free bitcoin online for performing random tasks. It might seem too good to be true but getting free bitcoin is indeed possible and here’s exactly how you can get it too.

What is a faucet?

An online faucet is a site that will provide cryptocurrencies, generally Bitcoin, for completing a certain task or action. The entire process is quite simple and doesn’t require any complicated knowledge. You can earn money through this facility easily and you can also get various exciting prizes such as a lottery ticket, and more. Your earning possibilities are endless when you start dealing with a faucet.

How to start earning BTC through a faucet?

If you want to start earning BTC through an online faucet by performing random tasks, you can do this easily by searching for the most reputed BTC faucets online. Once you’ve found a reliable site, you should follow these steps:

  • Get yourself registered on the faucet site by filling up your Email-ID.
  • Once you’ve filled up the details, you can now press the button to get to the next step.
  • Go to the page that mentions FREE BTC to see how you can start earning.
  • You then have to press the “Roll” button to get BTC for free. You can do this every hour to earn upto $200 per hour.

Now that you have successfully set up your account, you can become rich easily.