Let’s talk about the most important decision you will make this year: choosing the best Lasik ophthalmic surgeons to help you get the best vision possible. You have probably seen advertisements on television and heard advertisements on the radio. Everyone wants you to choose them for their Lasik surgery based on a 30 second advertisement. This may be a starting point, but it is certainly not the only way to make the right decision in Lasik ophthalmic surgeons.

What to ask a Lasik surgeon before surgery

Grab a notebook and start jotting down questions to ask at your consultation. Feel free to ask all the questions on your list. If your Lasik Surgeon is offended or impatient by all of your questions, keep looking. He or she is not right for you. Here are some initial questions to ask and think about:

 Lasik Surgery in Chicago

  1. How long does your lasik near me take to perform the Lasik operation? Look for a minimum of 3 years. The more experience the better, but if your surgeon tells you that he has been using a laser for more than 12 years, be careful. Lasik first went on sale in 1995.
  1. On how many eyes did you use lasik? Search for at least 500.
  1. Will your Lasik surgeon share the names and phone numbers of multiple past patients who have undergone the same surgery? If your surgeon is hesitant to do this, look elsewhere.
  1. What percentage of your surgeon’s Lasik patients achieved 20/20 vision after eye surgery? 50% is a common occurrence.
  1. Will a patient feel important with Lasik Surgeon? Or do you feel like one of the long list of patients they will see that day?
  1. Will your Lasik surgeon spend more time with you to get all your questions answered? Is your surgeon really interested in you as a person?
  1. Did your Lasik surgeon work hard to gain your trust during your consultation? If something “doesn’t feel right,” follow your instincts and choose a different surgeon.
  1. Lastly, will your Lasik surgeon follow you up after surgery? Or do you expect me to go back to your local ophthalmologist in case of any problems?