In this article we propose you an article, where this we present you several advices to improve your progress as a photographer. We hope this article will help you to become at least judging your own work. Click here for private photographer los angeles.

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Advice to become a good photographer

 Learn to master your camera

Learn how to locate all the buttons on your camera. Learn to master the features of your camera. This will allow you to fully exploit the capabilities of your camera, but also to miss fewer pictures because you will not have to look how to adjust your camera. Visit this site for private photographer los angeles.

Train, train, train

The undeniable advantage of digital compared to film is that training does not cost much. So set up exercises, participate in projects that will offer you new topics every week, to practice and make new pictures regularly.

Sort your photos and publish them

If you store your photos without ever doing anything, why already take photos?

Then another advantage of the digital is that the EXIFs of your photos (the data of the shooting) are stored in your photographs and you can check in the properties of the image the errors that you could make.

For example, if you store your photos in your hard drive without sorting them and regularly make the mistake of not checking your shutter speed (exposure time) so that people who move are blurry, if you do not do not sort your photos, you will not see it and will always make the same mistake, if you sort them, you will see it and pay attention to that point the next time.

 Take your time before taking your photos

Why hurry?

Take time, analyze the decor, the situation, ask what you want to express on your photo before triggering. Take your time; wait for the best moment, the best light in order to have THE original photo.

Play with depth of field

The depth of field is undoubtedly one of the most important elements with the light in the photographic language. Learn to master and play with it. The goal is always to see the world differently … It’s just a beautiful picture;

Play with your speed

Element often forgotten in the composition, do not forget to play with the shutter speed (exposure time). The human brain analyzes about 20 photos per second. So do tests with faster speeds, slower, in order to obtain movement effects or conversely to freeze elements invisible to the eye.

Play with the proximity of the foreground

Feel free to test. Depending on the distance between you and your foreground, you will get different effects and original photos. We come back to the main advantage of digital, do tests!