The sluggish period of Apex Legends is over and it has taken the biggest leap after game developer Respawn released the biggest update of the season. After thisupdate, you find a huge map, which is new to the players. If you are a regular player, then you may be wondering how to get a better grasp of this game? What are the new valorant wallhack tactics you are supposed to apply to win after the recent update?

Analyze your character’s movement

This is different from Fortnight. You are unable to build your way out of a situation. In order to overpower your enemy and take control of a fight you need to fill the gap between you and your enemies. Players who are not aware of the intricacies of the moment are considered sitting ducks.

Suppose you have to run, then do not run in a straight line. It is better to slide for a second, then jump and keep on sprinting. You need to follow the same sequence for a few seconds until you reach your destination. Most of the players overlook the part of learning the movements. In order to play this game like a Pro you need to go in depth of valorant wallhack and learn as much as you can.

Right weapons will help you when

This is obvious that no weapons are equal in Apex Legends. Nearly all the players agree about the R-99 submachine gun as the best weapon for close range shooting.

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Close the door behind you

When you are using the map in the battle, do not forget to close the door behind you. If you will forget to close the door, then it will make your enemies easier to harm you from outside. In case your health drops and you want to stay safe while looting, then remember to shut the door. It is obvious that you will not leave the front door of your house open for your enemies to come inside.

In order to prevent the enemy from entering, you cannot sit in front of the door. Remember that enemies will not come as you expect they will use a grenade to blow the door.

Teamwork will help you win

Apex Legends is a team game, you will not find even a standard solo mode option in this game. In order to have strength in numbers you need to build trust and maintain a good communication among team members. This will be a better option rather than going Rambo on your own.