Buying wine fridge is the large investment, so you have to get this right for the first time itself. I have seen a lot of people who buy poorly and getting frustrated and disappointed with the cabinet, and something that will be avoided very easily. When you are selecting wine fridge Singapore, which suits your requirements, consider following factors:

Capacity – from 12bottles to 470

You need to know how many bottles that you want to store and know how the wine collection might grow in future. In my view, lots of wines collectors purchase more of wine when they find the wine storage solution, thus buy the larger cabinet you think you need. Suppose your budget is quite limited, you can invest in the larger size of wine cabinet before you opt for bells & whistles like extra sliding shelves or glass door.

Location – display within home or office or garage

Suppose you plan to put the wine fridge in living area, dining room, and on display, you can consider customizing with the glass door or choice of colors or finishes (that includes leather or stainless steel). One more option is building wine cabinet in kitchen cabinetry or furniture piece. In such case, make sure that cabinet is of front ventilated and there is certain room left for the air circulation otherwise wine cabinet won’t perform rightly. One more factor that you have to consider in case cabinet is in home is an amount of noise that it can make.