Philanthropy is considered to be an inseparable part of the Dawood family. The charitable efforts for human welfare can be seen from decades. Though the successive generations are encouraged to support the cause, the females coming in the family after marriage are surprisingly keeping up with these efforts. The current generation has a name which is known in many countries for sporting a golden heart towards the needy and making every effort count toward their betterment.

Bashir Dawood has helped numerous individuals and families in their needs. Financially challenged people also look forward to him as he helps literally everyone. Standing by his side, Mariyam Dawood works equally hard to fulfill the dream their ancestors have seen.

Social Work

After seeing the degraded lifestyle of Pakistani people, she ached from the bottom of her heart. Having the urge to do something for the society could let her sit quietly. The global effects of war, lower standards of economy, lower education rates among her own countrymen, natural calamities destroying families were some of the major root causes she wanted to chip in to the family dynasty to help the needy.

Soon she started taking an active part in the social work. With the help of Dawood Foundation, she got a chance to fulfill her dream. Working with Bashir Dawood in the medical and educational sector, she proved her iron in the social welfare of people. Mariyam Dawood is considered to be a helping hand for those who couldn’t arrange any help themselves. Truly, God works among us in the face of a human.