In management information technology Consulting which is also known as IT Consulting, computer consultancy, business and Technology Services, computing consultancy ,Technology consultancy and IT advisory,   modern day activity of this structure focuses on advising the organization on how to utilize Information Technology at its level best to achieve business goals. IT Consultants often have degrees in the subject of Computer Sciences, electronics technology or management information systems to provide maximum help to Businessman and other customers.

NY IT Consulting is considered to be one of the best IT Consulting in the world. There are around 220 it consultants in New York city which have their own specific qualities which helps them gain the position they are in. This to 20 firms have been selected as per the 2018 census in New York city.

NY IT Consulting

List of Firms

  • Marlabs Inc.- this company was founded in 1996. It is a technology solutions and IT services provider which is headquartered in New Jersey. The services created by this company include cloud computing, SAP, mobility, Oracle, analytics, Microsoft,infrastructure services,application development and many more.
  • io- This company focuses on management and IT needs and caters IT services across about 200 regions of New York city. Its services focus on 25% IT management, 25% cloud consulting, 25% IT strategy consulting, 15% other IT consulting and 10% big data consulting.
  • Ciklum- This company focuses on web development, IT Consulting, cloud consulting,custom software development, E-Commerce development and IT strategy consulting
  • Pomeroy- This company provides high quality IT infrastructural services from its location throughout the United States of America, Canada, Western Europe and Latin America. The main infrastructure managed services include the data center and cloud services as well as enduser services and network. It mainly focuses on hiring its certified professionals who can manage and optimize every client IT infrastructure which in turn leads to tangible business value
  • Caserta- this is a technology advisor company which gives export IT Solutions and instant quotes for the betterment of the running of IT services and Business models. Showcases expert reviews on IT Consultancy Services and Fast Track solutions which are ideal for various models.