As a latest iteration in pocket monster series, Pokemon Go, has all Pokemon from the generation 1. At present, there are just 150 Pokemon across the world. It is just the matter of time before the company adds pokemon from the generation 2.

Have you not yet caught 150 Pokemon? Tired of walking & waiting? Where you stay is nowhere close to the right pokemon go Locations? There are websites that offer versatile market that provide affordable Pokemon catching service, which will help you to catch 50 psychic and steel type of pokemon. Just name any Pokemon – Eevee, Pikachu, Gyarados, Charizard, Snorlax and Dragonite and you will find them easily.

How to Get the Pokémon?

  • Register or log in on the site.
  • Pick offer that you want and pay.
  • Communicate with seller by using onsite messenger and coordinate over how they can give Pokémon to you.
  • When you have received the item, pay seller by sending payment through system and transfer directly to the seller.

buy pokemon go accounts

No matter whether it is legendary or shiny, Pokémon is around for many years and ultimately will stay in that way. For getting all Pokémon you want in your Pokémon Go, you require an app itself and registered account to receive this. Most of the Pokémon Go Item sellers need you to loan the account to them so that they will catch Pokémon themselves, thus after receiving the account back, make sure you change the account password in order to avoid any untoward safety issues in future. It is just the matter of time when you become the gym leader!

Earn money by selling Pokémon Go Account

One more way you can earn money with Pokémon Go application is selling your current Pokémon Go account. There’re many people who are keen to pay plenty of money to buy existing Pokémon account thus if you have any, you may sell it as well as make some good money from sale. Do you find it crazy? Amount you can sell your account is dependent on many factors that includes but not limited to Pokémon team, the game level and type of Pokémon that you have in the account. Suppose you have certain Pokémon’s that are quite rare to find, then you are sure that you can make hundred of dollars on sale of the Pokémon account.