In the world of battle royale games or mobile games, there is one game hitting the headlines – PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is finally available on mobile platforms. Mobile PUBG offers battle royale to gamers who are always on the go. To help you speed things up, here are simple but effective tips for players:

Set up PUBG mobile properly

To have a smooth gaming experience, you should learn how to setup Pubg mobile. This is how to setup PUBG properly:

  • Choose your login: you can play as a guest through Twitter or Facebook sign-in. This will involve connecting your account so you can sync your data. In the end, this will allow you to switch to another phone or tablet without losing your progress.
  • Prepare your phone: you must know that PUBG is a demanding game. With this, you need to prepare your phone.
  • Check your network: if you want a lag-free experience, you need a good connection to the game servers. This will involve reviewing your network speed and requirements.
  • Connect your headphones: for a more immersive experience, you should connect your headphones. PUBG has great audio and it can help you distinguish an approaching enemy.

Familiarize PUBG lobby

To familiarize the game, you should consider Pubg tutorial. When you launch the game, you will be directed to the lobby where you can change different settings.

  • Pick region server: under the start button, there is a box to set up a game type that includes the server. You should tap and then you will find the different servers. Pick the region server so you do not have a laggy experience.
  • Adjust frame rate: if you have a powerful phone, you should try high Graphics. If things are looking blurry, you might want to choose low Graphics.
  • Engage HDR mode: this is under the Graphics section.
  • Adjust aiming reticule: tap the settings then find Basic. Here, you can change the crosshair’s color.
  • Turn on or off aim assist: this is also under Basic. This can help you to hit the target – if you point the right way.
  • Use gyroscope: to further help your aim, you can use motion to move in the game – especially if your phone has a gyroscope.

PUBG mobile experience

Master PUBG mobile gaming modes

You must understand that there are a number of ways to play PUBG especially with every update bringing new approaches. Here are the gaming modes:

  • Classic: the Classic mode remains the same. This refers to the original PUBG mobile experience. As a player, you can change the map and teams. It can take 25 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Arcade: Arcade mode changed significantly over time. There is a range of arcade modes from War to Quick Match, Sniper Training, and Mini-zone.

Learn basic gameplay

Whether you are on your own or with a team, it can help if you know basic gameplay tips. Here are some tips to help you get through the PUBG game:

  • Pick clothes wisely: since this is not a fashion show, you have to tactically pick your clothes. You need to pick muted shades and camouflage. For a snowy map, you want lighter colors.
  • Choose when to jump: the game will tell you how many people left on-board. This is important as it can give you an insight into the distribution across the map. At the onset, avoid bigger towns as it attracts more jumpers.
  • Freefall with speed: the moment you are out of the aircraft, you should push forward on the controller and dive toward the ground. This action will surely get you to the ground quickly. With this, you can gather weapons faster before other player slaughter you.
  • Master the map: in PUBG, the map is your best ally because it will show you the game area. You need to stay inside the area if you do not want to die. It is imperative to drop a marker on the map so you can see it through the compass helping you navigate to a safe area.
  • Get the right weapons: keep in mind that weapons in PUBG work like real-world weapons. For instance, shotguns and pistols are good for short range while assault rifles are all-rounders.

Is there more?

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Final words

If you want to become a battle royale master, you should do everything in your power to win. It may include tools that ease PUBG mobile. Whatever happens, you should always rely on your skills and master simple but effective PUBG tips. If you want to consider one MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, you should also invest time in Mobile Legends.