Many people today who are being asked about their efforts to live healthier say they are running a ‘clean eating’ pattern. Of course that is not clean in the sense of snack carelessly. They mean this term is the same as that of some time ago as a ‘healthy diet’.

 Though it may seem to call the word ‘clean eating’ so stylish, you will be amazed to learn that to achieve it does not really require very hard work. The point is how diligent you are to find food that comes from nature, not from the factory.

This clean eating meal plan has been campaigned from Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow to Chef Terry Walters. The quest for natural ingredients alone is a challenge. Not to mention the challenge that you have to run this diet for a long time.

  As quoted from Today, the basis of all this net diet is the restriction of processed and packaged foods. Only then there are recommendations to reduce eating red meat, gluten and milk. Others call this pattern a way to rest your digestion for a while.  But before running this diet is recommended to consult with a doctor first.

The best way to run this pattern is as our parents have taught us. When eating enough in a portion of a fist only. This is enough to meet the needs of heart, brain and healthy digestion.

  1. Avoid packaged and processed foods

Get used to reading food content while shopping. As much as possible reduce the high levels of sugar, salt, fat and flavor.

  1. Choose the original food

From the fruit juice in the packaging, choose fresh vegetables and fruits. Choose vegetables and fruits that are still solid and fresh. If you want to save money. Choose seasoned vegetables and fruits.

  1. Reduce the use of sugar

 Beware of food offered with the lure comes from fresh fruits and vegetables. Because usually high levels of salt and sugar is very high.

  1. Avoid trans fats and reduce saturated fats

 Saturated fats are usually present in fatty meats, milk cream, butter and palm oil. Replace the source of fat with those from nuts, olives and avocados. Familiarize cooking and eating at home Because by cooking yourself you can find out what you use to cook and spice up. You can make your cuisine more interesting by using spices, reducing bad fats and reducing salt and sugar.

  1. Drink enough

 Our body needs enough water for optimal function. And although vegetables and fruits also contain water, keeping water intake from drinking water is also much needed. Often people ignore the thirst, but this is the easiest signal to recognize dehydration. Drink at least 6-8 glasses in a day that is not a caffeinated beverage.