If you are starting a huge construction or land conversion project, then the law mandates that you have the guidance of an ecological survey in planning your project out. This helps to reduce the human oppression on the other inhabitants of our environment and help to do our little to help them lead their lives peacefully. In this article, we shall explore the concept in a little more depth starting right from the basics.

What is an Ecological Survey?

We should agree, without any disagreement, that any construction project of the human beings comes at the cost of the peaceful lives of many other animals – right from smaller animals like rats and cockroaches to birds and wild animals. But even they deserve the right to live. So, considering this sensitive issue, a law has been made to prevent the habitat loss of these innocent creatures. To determine the amount of potential damage that a project can do to the ecological balance in the area, ecological surveys are brought into force. These surveys look at various aspects of the impact of your project on the ecology and then suggest any changes in the plans to reduce it.

Who conducts it?

Professionals and firms licensed by the Government often advertise themselves as ecological surveyors. They conduct this detailed survey and issue a report if your project is less harmful than the fixed guidelines. You may then continue with your projects. You will have to preserve your report just like other documents.

What are the qualifications of a Surveyor?

An experienced ecologist, holding the relevant species license (in case the law requires), should undertake the survey. The surveyors should meet the guidelines set by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

Applications of an Ecological Surveyecological survey

Following are the applications of an ecological survey of a project.

#1 Planning to prevent ecological loss due to a planned project, so that fewer other beings lose their habitats due to human intervention.

#2 Making your project eco-friendlier by knowing where to accommodate those being who already dwell in the area.

#3 Know what species live in a particular area and formulate policies for their conservation.

So, these were the basics that you had to know about an ecological survey and its necessity. If you have a planned project, make sure ecological surveys top your list so that you “Live and Let Live”. All the best!!