Have you ever heard of the term proxy site? If not, this article would get you some interesting and significant points about it. Actually, the proxysite is the webpage, which will allow the user to access the unhindered website with restrictions and content filters. Actually, this site would enable the user to bypass your Internet Service Provider and thereby it will browse through proxy site. The user does not need expert knowledge to use this proxy site, but the user can just type or paste the web address they would like to visit in the search option and start browsing.

Next to this, the proxy websites are not only to allow you for visiting the blocked sites, but they would also provide you online privacy. The website, which you are visiting usually detect your IP address and find more information about you with it, but this form of free proxy sites would help in hiding your IP address by acting as intermediary between computer and website. While using this, the website you visit will actually witness different IP address, which cannot be tracked.

Actually, the proxy site is one of three proxy tools, whereas other two are VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Desktop Software which requires you to download and install in your device. But, proxy site does not require any set up. The only downside of this site is traffic limited, whereas it would also overcomed by activating different new proxy sites. If you are unaware of the technique, you can better use the proxy list to find different proxy websites, because it has considered to be the easiest way to keep a track of free proxy sites. If you are still in confusion about the benefits of proxy site, it is better to get into the link.


The website would offer you wise information regarding the proxy site and at same time, you can find out the pages you can use here to protect your IP address. Some might be very conscious while using social media pages, because there might be a chance to spam your personal information from the website. In this case, you can use any kind of social media with the help of proxy site, means your information would not be shared elsewhere, and you can enjoy scrolling your favorite social media hassle free. you can also learn some more terms about the proxy site by tapping into the link.