The role of rail guard is to reduce the frictions that are used while pulling in or out your furniture, ovens, kitchen, and fire engines. Its size is determined based on the extension options that are enabled between the telescopic slides along with partial or overextension and full.

Depends upon the different types of rail the teleskopschienen systems are equipped for giving a quick release that enables out the two parts of the telescopic rail to get separated quickly. Through fitting out an integrated pull-out-based locking system is mainly intended for preventing the different drawers that are present in your cabinet that has been operated at the same time that helps your cabinet to trip over. It is considered as the cost-effective and anti tip based system that is found in the market. While you are fitting them, if in a case when the width is larger when compared to its depth then you can make use of the high quality integrated rail guard on your cabinet.

How effective are these two-way telescopic slides?

The teleskopschienen provides a great grip for the heavy-duty slides that ranged from 25 to 300 kg, for fitting them you can find out a wide range of materials you can choose one from it and you can prefer the two way based telescopic slides that are the most popular product that can be used for pulling in both directions this would give you a comfortable feel. It suits perfectly for both high and low loads.

  • The locking system in the middle ensures a high level of safety.
  • It adds a strong grip for lifting even the stronger element easily.

It is available with different designs and styles based on the type and needs you can choose one of the effective models and start utilizing it and get benefitted.