Bong which is also regarded as a water pipe is a kind of device which is used as a filter for herbal substances, smoking, tobacco as well as cannabis. Different bong types are described in this article. The lower port lets the gas flow. The bong is quite identical to a hookah, its smaller size and portability being the only exceptions.

A bong can easily be constructed from any kind of air as well as a watertight vessel through the addition of a stem and bowl apparatus which gives proper guidance about air download to the level of water below when the bubble is on the upward side while it is being used.For getting fresh air into your bong it is suggested to harvest the remaining smoke through a hole regarded as a carburettor.

What are the different bong types?

Some of the different types of bong are as follows:-

#1. Glass Bongs

Glass bongs have a comparatively longer life since they can be cleaned easily as well as could be returned to their shiny original state by just washing them properly. You can easily keep track of the resin which gets built up indicating the time for cleaning it up.

#2. Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs are renowned for their long life as well as durability which makes them more convenient for carrying them to a party. It’s unbreakable and its durability makes it more usable.

#3. Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are mostly preferred by those who adore designer fancy bongs which enhance the smoking accessory. Since these are quite bulky as well as susceptible to an accident which makes it quite artistic.

Some of the common types are a recycler, straight tube as well as beaker bongs. Straight tubes constitute dense smoke along with clear quickness. For higher volume, you should go for beaker bongs with less density of smoke which is quite difficult to clear with higher rips.