Cryptocurrency is one kind of digital currency used for buying goods or services, however uses the online ledger with very strong cryptography that will rightly secure the online transactions. Too much interest in such unregulated currencies is trading for some profit, with the speculators driving costs skyward, it has become important to look at Solanax prediction markets.

Bitcoin in one popular cryptocurrency that has volatile cost moves, reaching over $65,000 before losing half the value. Recently, the cost of BTC was back to $45,000 range.

What’re Crypto Exchanges?

The crypto exchanges are one type of platforms where users can buy or sell cryptos such as Bitcoin. You may use these exchanges for trading one cryptocurrency or for converting your Bitcoin to Ether –and to buy the cryptocurrency by using the regular fiat currencies such as USD and GBP. These platforms will reflect current market rates of these cryptocurrencies that they provide. Users can convert these cryptos back to the fiat currencies on the exchange, and giving them an option to withdraw these funds back to the regular bank account and leave this on an exchange platform for trading it back in cryptocurrencies later.

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There are many different cryptocurrency exchanges accessible to the investors and traders. Thus, making it the tough choice to select the right one but, the criteria given below can help you to determine how you can select the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Supported tokens and coins

Virtually most of the crypto exchanges can support Ethereum and Bitcoin. But, there are many cryptocurrencies, and investors would like to get exposure to few more apart from BTC & ETH. Therefore, you need to know the tokens and coins that are supported by the crypto exchange before selecting one.


Because of lack of the government rules and use of black-market, crypto might appear sketchy to many people. Majority of the platforms realize this as well as take some serious precautions for keeping your financial and personal information protected and safe from theft. Search for the security functions like 22FA, encryption, or cold storage (it is offline storage that protects it against theft or hacking).

User interface and experience

It is an important criterion for your success as the cryptocurrency trader and investor. The exchange with intuitive interface as well as good user experience actually makes it simple to trade cryptocurrencies accessible. But, user experience will be subjective, so people enjoy different interfaces.