Japan is a most famous country around the world and it has lots of beautiful things and iconic places to enjoy. This country is also well known for the cleanliness, punctuality and also politeness of the people. When it comes to the food lovers, this country is not only the world famous destination for its sushi and ramen, but also for its lovely desserts. In Japan, you can drink the unique tasty desserts when you are a traveller or visitor there. If you are a dessert freak and want to try them at your home, you just look at Foodal.com website. It includes all the top and famous desserts recipe of Japan.

Top 4 desserts to try:

  • Kabocha Pie – This dessert tastes just like the pears or apples but it literally translates to pumpkin. It is the most famous and tastiest dessert in Japan.
  • Mochi – Mochi is actually the Japanese rice cake which is made of the specialized sticky rice named mocha gome. It is the most versatile dessert which can be made into various types, colors and shapes.
  • Japan’s Souffle pancakes – This puffy, light, and airy pancake includes softly beaten egg whites and its batter with meringue.
  • Anmitsu – It is the Japanese version of ice cream including fruits, mocha, red bean paste, and nuts.

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Other top desserts of Japan:

  • Crepes – This delicious crepes dessert is low in sugar, fat and calories.
  • Taiyaki – It is the fish shaped cake with custard filling, or fruit, or red bean.
  • Uiro – It is the sweet steamed cake consisting of rice, sugar, water and flour.

All these delicious desserts of Japan should be tried in your home to taste and enjoy your time.