Fall is coming, with a season full of marriages. 31% of the total marriages of a year take place in September and October. A bridal bouquet is a collection of flowers held by the bride as she walks down the aisle. A marriage requires lots of arrangements. But do you know the one element that is very important in every wedding? No wedding is complete without them. You guessed it right, bridal bouquets.

We know how special and meaningful flowers are and how they can turn any event special.

The way flowers express our feelings is undeniable. But arranging flowers for marriage needs can be hectic due to advanced bookings and bulk orders. To provide you with the best flowers and on-time delivery to every customer, Floristique provides the best bridal bouquets singapore for all your needs. Let us discuss it in detail.

Importance of bridal bouquets

A wedding is a season that brings happiness along. Bridal bouquets are considered a symbol of satisfaction, and they bring happiness to a marriage. Without flowers, a marriage is incomplete. It is the tradition to use flowers as a decoration and exchange them as it signifies a special meaning to people.


It signifies the feeling of love, affection, and care. Flowers signify the importance of another person and express unsaid feelings. Bridal bouquets are not only to keep the bride’s hands busy while she walks down the aisle, but it also signifies the gesture of love towards the person she is about to marry. This practice is being carried out since ancient times.

According to ancient Greeks and Romans, flowers symbolize a new beginning and bring hope to fertility, happiness, and fidelity. It’s important to keep your bouquet simple for a wedding. Your bridal bouquet should complement well with your dress.

Types of bridal bouquets

There are many different bridal bouquets, and each signifies a specific meaning. A few of the most popular wedding flowers with what they signify are listed below:

  • White rose – Innocence
  • Red rose – Love, happiness
  • Orange rose – Fascination
  • Yellow rose – Friendship
  • Orchid – Beauty
  • Gardenias – Joy

We have grown up seeing the importance of flowers on occasions, especially at weddings. We have always seen brides holding a bouquet when she walks down the aisle. It’s impossible to imagine a marriage without bridal bouquets. And to get the best bridal bouquets in Singapore, Floristique is your go.