Bar & restaurant jobs are the good fun and will grow your confidence as you are meeting a lot of members of general public on the regular basis. But, not all the bar & restaurant jobs are actually open to girls because of the alcohol laws. For instance, if you’re you 16 and 17 you are allowed serving alcohol as the waiter and waitress in the restaurant, given that alcohol is served with meal. If you are looking for bar jobs, you are at the right place, visit 여성알바 for more details.

You might be allowed serving alcohol in the bar and pub too at this age, but licence holder and bar manager should approve sale just by overseeing you. In certain parts, you are restricted to serving only cans and bottles of alcohol, instead draught from pump and wine by a glass, for instance.



The kitchen assistant jobs offer more flexibility for the young people since you will not be directly in touch with the alcohol. You can work as the washer-up and food assistant in the local bar, cafe,pub, and get valuable experience for the CV.

How You can Enjoy?

Yeah it will be a slog, however, there are some ways you can keep a smile coming on your face all the time.

Create the playlists of fave songs. Bar generally controls music (or big plus) thus you may make all types of playlists that will suit all types of shifts; Sunday Afternoon, Friday Night, Not Many Punters playlist and more. Go nuts and I used to sweep the floor, after hard shift.

Get code names for the fit people. The bar staff at a pub that I worked had the vocabulary that actually revolved over cereal, I remember . Or it may be “donut” for not fit person & “Cheerios” for fit person. Any way, when you call it, make sure you serve the hottie.

Be friends with other bartenders. What is a point of working till 2am if you cannot giggle and hit people with cloths? Many people who are working in the bars got this job because they are fun and interesting.