As a family with three children of primary school age, we do not have much time to sit together in front of the television. But when we do this, none of the children will be ready for primetime drama or for most comedy shows. These programs do not attract the attention of children or have an inappropriate subject. And besides Survivor, we’re not passionate about reality shows.

Our evenings, to sit in front of the television, are so casual that we do not like to rent movies at a local video store. Most of the time they came back (late) and we never managed to see them. Then, when we saw the announcement of the free trial version of Couchtuner, we decided to try it. Since then, we have discovered that Couchtuneris ​​especially good for families with small children.



  1. The site has a large selection of names of families and children, including my favorite children. For example, when my two older children finish reading a book, they like to add a headline to our line of movies and finally, as a family, we catch up with all those movies we wanted to see. Sometimes, when we add movies to our line, we draw a space. And that’s when we use comments from critics and other participants on the Couchtunerwebsite. You can also see the recommendations we provide based on how you rated the movies you saw earlier. You can connect online at any time and add headlines in turn, or rearrange the movies in the current queue. More than 100,000 items are available throughout the site.
  2. It’s cheap. Plans start at $ 4per month and there are no late payments or due dates. This was another important point for us, because due to our busy schedules, sometimes watching movies can take several weeks. In other cases, we see a movie the same day it arrives and we turn around and send it the next day.
  3. It is really convenient. When you have finished with the DVD, simply put it in the mailbox of the prepaid envelope. When couchtuner receives it, they will send you an email, and then another email, when the next movie comes out of your line, so you know when to expect it.