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With the brunch and cocktail menu in these top rooftop brunch DC which is contended with the stunning views stands as the best and known for the complete ambience that cannot beat anything in terms of lounge and rooftop. Such overgrown rooftop bar operates at its best and popular wildly for the interactive theater performance. It also boasts well variety in their brunch menus. They include hot station for all scrambled eggs, the apple wood smoked bacon, fried chicken, smoked salmon and more which is equipped with the red onion, pickles and capers. You can also have the chocolate muffins and cinnamon rolls too.

Tasty food

The timings are good and best for all type of people of the rooftop brunch DC. They have the meat packing eatery which is chic equally and cozy in the rooftop lounge for matching the renowned indoor space of restaurant. They recommend exploring space during the weekend brunches, and where you can easily delve into tempting menu of these sushi rolls, the classics of weekend breakfast and more. During the summers one can also enjoy sitting on their rooftop as they all have complete setup for winters and summers differently.

Enjoy the alfresco brunch where it is breezier too in these toniest rooftop brunch DC. It caters well to all types of the palates of food and social drink on their floors where the menu of brunch also comprises of good selection right from the street food to classic and favorites. Plan with your friends and family or with your loved ones to visit this top notch roof top place. Enjoy the spectacular and delightful food which can change your taste buds completely and will ask you for frequent visits. make an online reservation for your table too. Check out the tasty Pallipalayam Chicken food here.