Hemp oil or Cannabis oil, is actually made from the substances that are extracted from a cannabis plant. Cannabis is generally translated in Swedish, but cannabis oil can’t get compared to the hemp seed oil. The hemp seed oil mostly is used for cooking whereas cannabis oil has much more possibilities.

CBD oil

Many people recognize cannabis as the pot or cannabis that one will smoke that is totally illegal in Sweden. However, now you will get cannabisolja or cannabis oil, which is legal throughout EU. But, just one particular kind of cannabis is found legal in Sweden.

Cannabis has the positive effects

Cannabis will have the positive effects on the symptoms, particularly in the patients who are suffering from the diseases like sclerosis, ADHD or general pain. It’s not scientifically proven whether cannabis oil is used for treating these and cancer, thus it is researching constantly on the effect of the cannabis oil. Lots of patients make use of oil as the supplement to the medicine & experience the better medical effect, there’re no side effects. Many experts are quite positive about this.

Different kinds of cannabis oil

Consistency of this oil is in many cases reminiscent of the thick and the sticky form of the tar. But, it is also almost golden and liquid. Its consistency design generally depends on how manufacturer has made the oil and kind of plant used. Climate during a year plays an important role in how its cultivation is affected.


There’re different kinds of the cannabisolja from different plant species that includes Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis industrial. From these varieties of the cannabis oils there’re different compositions of substances CBD and THC can be utilized for different purposes.

CBD is cannabis oil where content primarily consists of cannabinoid CBD. CBD oil has no drugs and THC has euphoric substances. Latter isn’t legal in Sweden.

CBD Oils are often used as the dietary supplements and where there’s very little or else no content of the THC in. The oils with THC can be used as one type of intoxicant, which you will become totally “high” of. And THC is the euphoric substance. So when you’re buying cannabis oil from Sweden, it should get stated in goods declaration there is just the substance of CBD in & at 0.2% THC.

But, cannabis plant can’t be grown without the THC. However, one can create the process where just substance CBD can be extracted.