Insurance industry is a multi faceted and vast industry that is facing tremendous changes due to the advancement in technology. Prismix provides robust, innovative and scalable solutions that can help in improving the profitability of your insurance company by balancing the demands of the regulatory changes and the shifting expectations of the customer. The main advantage of using the multidisciplinary IT solution of our company is that you can bring together the specialty in risk management, actuarial, operations, strategy, tax, audit and technology, all in a single system. Prismix will help your organization in anticipating the changing trends in the insurance industry and capitalizing on the emerging opportunities.

There are several companies offering IT services for the insurance industry but the benefit that we offer is that we are leaders in the field with several years of professional services in the insurance industry. We have been working with numerous clients globally and have addressed a wide range of critical issues which has been brought by globalization, regulatory changes, and advances in technology, competition and changing the demands of the customers. Our modular solutions are designed to be simple yet scalable to meet the needs of different levels of insurance company needs. We have worked with small as well as mid sized businesses and large organisations and partnered with them to provide quality IT solutions.

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Insurance industry solutions provided by Prismix

  • Tax management
  • Insurance type management.
  • Client management
  • Advisory services management
  • Complete billing and invoicing.
  • Consultancy and regulatory services.
  • IT support services for insurance companies.
  • Claims management and accounting.
  • Website and mobile app development services for insurance companies.

We are recognized as leaders in the IT solutions for insurance industry as we are committed for contributing with our innovative leadership and creative thinking. Most of our expert professionals have years of experience interacting with insurance industry professionals. We provide cost effective solutions that are custom designed according to our client requirements. On time delivery of solutions is guaranteed with agile development methodology. We provide complete support after deployment. Whether you are a life insurance company, casualty and property company, broker or reinsurer, Prismix haves a wide range of IT services which are designed to meet all your business needs. We are providing end-to-end IT services for the Insurance Industry.

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