One of the categories that university students and young adults spend the most in are the nights out with friends. There are times when it is worth spending a little more, but the reality is that most do not, and we only wake up the next day with a huge financial crisis that will last the rest of the month.

How to spend less on a night out? Before leaving, decide how much you are willing to spend and take with you a debit card that does not have funds much greater than that amount, your credit cards stay at home.

Cleaning services

  • If you are looking for a job that can fit your busy schedule, this may be the ideal.
  • “If it’s about cleanliness, it’s about trust, if you trust someone, they recommend you. In the first steps of business, recommends that you have to keep it simple, because with the passage of time everything will flow.
  • Avoid the initial cost of your startup is high and instead of buying cleaners looking to make natural mixtures to clean.
  • For services in university dormitories you can start charging 250 pesos an hour, depending on what you have to do and the size of the space that you have to clean.

Moving service

Regardless visit the site of the season, those who are dedicated to moving can be a great help to students. Think about it, someone who is dedicated to this can earn up to 2000 pesos for a single movement.


Child career

  • Are you good at taking care of children? Being a baby sitter is the perfect opportunity for a college student who is looking for work.
  • Whether it’s taking care of them at night or picking them up from school, there will always be someone looking for this service.
  • Of course, this work represents a great responsibility, so it is important that you have enough confidence in yourself and take courses to carry it out.
  • What you can charge varies depending on your experience, the city in which you live, the age of the child and how many would be.
  • Be well informed before doing so because services may include cooking or other more elaborate activities.


There will always be a high demand for tutors in universities and normally the sources that promote these services are usually expensive.

So you know, students who want to have many options to carry it out, because the same school can help you to be, and if not, you can do it independently: promote yourself on social networks and teach in the library.