Smoking herbs is the new trend and most of the avid smokers are dumping tobacco. For smoking tobacco, we have cigarettes available at the stores. So, how can you smoke herbs? It is not a matter of difficulty, when you choose to opt for smoking herbs. The only instrument that you need to purchase is a bong. Now, buying a bong can be a complicated affair, especially if you are first time buyer. Should you go for expensive one? Should you choose silicone dab rigs or glass bongs? A lot of factors are there and you have to think about them. In this article, we shall discuss whether bongs are worth buying or not.

Quit Tobacco – Embrace Herbs

Smoking tobacco is too mainstream and common. If you try something different smoking herbs is a good option. For smoking herb you have to purchase bongs. They are simple to use and convenient to be travelled with. They feature simple mechanism. Due to the simplicity, bongs are worth buying.

Classy Outlook

Bongs are classy in terms of their outlook or appearance. If you keep them in your house, they will enhance appearance of your house interior. Even non-smokers buy them to enhance house interior. They look quite amazing due to their curvy as well as innovative shapes. Generally, glass bongs are purchased for their beautiful appearance. However, silicones bongs are no lesser appealing. They also look innovative and they are durable too.

Simple to Handle

For enjoying smoking herbs in the fine evening, you would not like to deal with smoking equipment that comes with complicated features. Bongs are simple to be used. Using the silicone dab rigs has many advantages. They are simple to handle and thus they are highly enjoyable.

Not So Expensive

You can make your own collection of various kinds of bongs. There are a few posh and expensive products. But, generally most of the products are affordable or inexpensive. So, creating a unique collection for the bongs at home would not pinch your pocket hard.

So far you have enjoyed smoking cigarettes. Now, give a try to the bongs so that you can smoke herbs. You shall certainly relish it.