As we all know, bitcoins are a virtual currency that can be stored in digital wallets. It is a substitute for our real currency and it is not controlled by any government. The price of bitcoin is constantly increasing as of now and is considered a best investment by many people around the world. bitcoin kurs is an online website which provides its users with many games that they can play and win. Here free bitcoins are given as a reward for the winners.

There are several reasons why people are still buying bitcoins irrespective of its higher price. They are as follows,

  • Using bitcoin as a payment currency for transactions, the fees imposed for every transaction is very less compared to the normal bank transactions.
  • The bitcoin users can exchange their bitcoin into the currency they want in exchanges. You can buy any goods and services with bitcoins if the merchant allows bitcoin as a payment method.
  • Unlike in banks, the personal details about the person transacting will never be made public. Every user here is given a public key and others can find using that key only. The transactions taking place are public so that nobody can misuse some other’s bitcoins that they do not own.
  • Taking the price history into consideration, the loss that can possibly occur in bitcoins is very less and it has higher chances for gains.

Some websites like bitcoin kurs showers its users with free bitcoins as a reward for winning online casinos games and sports betting through their website.