The sunscreen lotion will satisfy the imagination of people who want the glow of healthy and sunny skin throughout the year. This is one of the most amazing collections of Sun Labs, a popular manufacturer and distributor of tanning beds. Its products give a tan without the harmful rays of the sun.

A tan is a darkening of the skin in the sun. Ultraviolet rays stimulate skin cells to produce melanin. The oxidation of melanin, which is nothing more than a tan of the skin, occurs under the influence of ultraviolet rays. This is a natural protection of the skin against burns.

The concept of sunless tanning became popular when the link between skin cancer and sun exposure became evident. Many companies have developed products that can be used at home to cause tanning. The tanning lotion is a safe alternative to the sun.

DHA or dihydroxyacetone in Sun’s automatic tanning lotion interacts with skin proteins to create an orange tan that cannot be washed. In addition to lotions, tanning salons, there are no sun beds or tanners and bronzers available. give the best results when applied to clean, dry skin. Therefore, it is important to first cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate the skin. Apply tan evenly and smoothly with soft, circular gloves. Start with your feet. Never shower immediately after application. Remember that the color appears only after a few hours. Keep the skin well hydrated before, during and after tanning for best results.

The sunscreen lotion provides the perfect tan look that most people want. It does not provide protection against the sun. Additional sunscreens are essential. People use the tan to get the cosmetic value of dark skin. Many people think that this will increase their mood and self-esteem.

beautiful tan

Tanning – safe or not

Topical tanning products are undoubtedly a much safer alternative to sunbathing, but should be used as intended. Sun tanning or tanning are professional tanning products and should be applied to all parts of the body so that the color remains uniform. It is better to apply these two products to tan with a specialist, since both can enter the eyes, nose and mouth. When applying these products, we recommend the use of protective equipment such as nasal plugs and safety glasses.

Here is the perfect way to use sunless tanning products.

* Exfoliation: ideal for washing the skin with a sponge or cloth to remove excess dead cells from the surface of the skin before applying sunscreen.

* Even the application. It is important to apply topical tanning products easily and evenly. In elbows and knees, the product can be used sparingly.

* Use a cotton swab; This is done so that, by mistake, the nails or palms are not painted.

* Wait until the tanning product has dried completely.