Graphene, known as wonder material is, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern and is roughly a million times thinner than paper. They are two dimensional and when stacked together becomes graphite. Graphite is commonly used for pencil leads. A graphene has the following properties

  • Conductivity
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency

These properties make graphene a reliable material which is used in creating solar cells, faster electric circuits, high density capacitor and batteries. Graphene also known as a miracle material of the 21st century has better electron mobility than any other metal. It has a lot of potential, especially in terms of industrial application. Though it was expensive in its initial period the graphene price hasplunged over the years as a result of increase in the production.

The Bull Market of Graphene

Every product’s price is directly linked to the quality, in case of graphene the higher the quality the more the price. Different types of graphene are available in the market with varying prices. When there are bulk orders of graphene the price reduces as the marginal cost gets low. New technologies have helped the scientists to produce graphene at a low price which can trigger an increase in the use of graphene in new products. The potential of graphene is huge for various industries as they have the potential to change the face of industries like aviation, electronics and biomedical. This will ultimately lead to a bullish trend for graphene in the commercial market. There are many companies that can give the up to date trend of the material and will keep the users informed. Consequently, one of the websites which can guide you in knowing the latest price trend of graphene is

Manufacturing large quantities of graphene, in various formats, will reduce the graphene price without impairing its chemical properties. Researchers are still investigating its properties and application to know its fullest potential. Eventually, graphene enhanced products are going to rock the world and will establish itself as the future of new technologies. This will significantly change the world in a good way, which currently exists within the realms of people’s imagination.