The employee scheduling and managing in any company is a very big task. One or many employees are required to do that job. Many entrepreneurs, especially in the starting stages of their business, cannot afford that.  Most of such entrepreneurs do this job on their own which consumes a lot of time.

Time Clock Hub is an online software or app of employee time clock anddeveloped so as to help entrepreneurs in managing much of their work with few clicks.

Some of its salient features of Time Clock Hub are:

  1. Employee Scheduling: Manager or employer can define and manage its employee’s tasks and schedules with this.
  2. Payroll: It can generate Payroll reports very easily and also it considers all minute aspects while generating this. With this employee working hours can be easily calculated and so their salary. Reimbursement reports can also be produced by uploading those bills.
  3. Employee Time Tracking: Employees can use this system easily. The manager can track employee’s working time easily with this. With its GPS feature, it can easily identify their location also. This feature can be useful for the employers in many ways. Each employee can be assigned a job code.
  4. Notifications: Employee activities like starting or ending shifts and overtimes can be easily monitored with customised alerts of SMS or Emails.
  5. Export Reports: It allows theuser to export and manage account reports to any other relevant software with its integration technology.

Benefits of Time Clock Hub

  1. Improves Efficiency: With many employee management features like assigning and managing tasks, payroll generation it definitely improves the efficiency of the overall business system and its productivity.
  2. Reduces Stress: With its features of employee time clock like employee scheduling, tracking their working time and leaves it can really reduce stress on manager or employer.
  3. Easy Access to Information: It is very easy to use. It can generate payroll reports, employee work analysis reports, leave-absent reports and much These reports can be uploaded to other software systems if required.
  4. Secured: Being a cloud-based hosting, it is very secure to use. It has good customer support also.

Bottom Line:

It is an all in one solution software which includes many features ranging from advanced online scheduling to payroll generation. Many of its features are customisable so that user can use it or generate reports according to their needs. Its mobile app is equally efficient as its desktop software.