Computers become the essential thing in our life and it takes the important place in each and every person’s life. Every computer has the mother board and that is the heart of the computer without this it will not function which is also known as single board of the computer. The single board computer is abbreviated for SBC and it is used to integrate the functions of computer on single medium.This electronic card contains CPU, the electronic storage service, external communication, heart of each SBC and display and management of external devices of commuter. Here the single-board computer is the complete computer system.

Why single board computers are used in firms and industry?

Single board computers are used in many other applications such as mobile phones, scanners, fax machine and other electronic products. And most importantly single board computers are used widely in industrial process which is used to perform the complex process. By using this boards industry can perform the automation task and to attain that task there are specialized designs available to perform perfectly. If you use this single board in your computer then you will be definitely have some benefits from this. And there are various backplanes which is allow that computer to expand their capacity tremendously.

There are popular examples which are using this computer board and there are different types of models are using this single board. And i9t has the capacity to run the different flavors of Linux and also it has /programmed to perform the different kind of functions. Here these applications have been purchase to satisfy the different kind of needs. Some of the boards are comes with the I/O interfaces which is used for audio application, wireless application, network application and so on.


Variation of single board application

There are different types of single board computers available so you can choose the board among that. These boards are designed to use the backplane connection. Some of the designs are include VXI, PXI and compact PCI types.

Here the backplanecomputers have the capacity to work with connections including PCI, PCXI and others. And the system host board meets PCIMG 1.3 specification. Here PCIMG version 1.2 provides the PCIX support. Previous version provides the support for IFA and PCI connection. Some single-board computer has the hard drives and some boards do not have that and that will not operate network.