If during the business trip the employee becomes ill and will have to use local medical care, he / she has the right to return the documented necessary costs of treatment abroad. An employer can insure an employee to avoid such consequences. This post fromĀ business insurance doylestown pa talks everything about travel insurance.

The cost of hospital stay can reach even several hundred thousand zlotys – and according to the regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 29 January 2013, the employer is responsible for the health of the employee during a delegation abroad. We advise on how to choose a policy that will cover the costs of treating the employee abroad, we check what it should contain, whether it can be deducted and how much it costs.

business insurance doylestown paWork Insurance Abroad – How Does It Differ From A Tourist Policy?

Insurance for business travelers has a range almost identical to standard travel insurance. It provides coverage of treatment and rescue costs as well as compensation because of accidents; it also includes additional elements, such as luggage insurance, Assistance or third party liability insurance. The policy covers the protection of an employee for travel and stay abroad for business purposes.

In the case of white-collar workers, no additional extension of protection is required, however, manual workers must already have it. The only important difference is the fact that the employer can purchase such insurance for the data of your company, thanks to which the policy document will be an invoice, and therefore the basis for including it in the income costs.

How to Choose Insurance For An Employee?

Each element of the policy that provides the employee with security during the delegation is extremely important. We will discuss the entire range of optimal insurance step by step. Insurers offer a wide range of packages to choose from – it’s worth knowing how to choose the most advantageous and the safest.

The Costs of Treatment And Rescue Match The Direction Of Departure

This is the most important element of insurance – the employer is responsible for the health of the employee and these costs will have to be returned if necessary. In each country, medical care looks different. It is worth adjusting the guaranteed sum of such costs to the direction of departure. Within Europe, KL insurance should be sufficient for Dollar 30,000.

In highly developed countries, such as the USA, Canada, Australia or Japan, the costs of treatment are very high – the optimal guaranteed sum should not be less than 80,000 – 100,000 dollars.