Boosting in a game is mostly done by a higher ranked player and agrees to play with a low ranked account user, so they can win easily and can exchange the payment. This is more illegal and it is against the terms and conditions of the most video games being played. If discovered then both the players will be banned and cannot play in any games. Boosting is mainly done for the gaming purposes. Though boosting is unethical practice of artificially inflating the low ranked player. Mostly the people who are playing in the online games, they will say ‘boosted’ to insult the other players. This means that the opponent player does not possess the required skills to compete with them. There are many types of boosting and it is mentioned below:

  • CSGO Boosting
  • ESEA Boosting
  • FACEIT boosting
  • ESPORTAL boosting

csgo boosters

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