Dental emergencies are types of emergencies that are related to the oral cavity that needs immediate attention like pain, fracture and so on. You can either be the person that can detect it, or the dentist upon inspecting your entire mouth. Dental concerns might not be something that you would visit the emergency room for but it does happen especially if its something that really bothers you like a pain that never goes away and so on.

Dental emergencies are pretty serious and some would even agree that its the worst emergency that they have especially one that has pain involved. What you should know is that you need to be vigilant and be sensitive with any dental concerns most especially if its an emergency and treat it with utmost urgency. Not just to relieve yourself from the emergency but for your oral health’s sake as well. But what are dental emergencies anyway?

Types of dental emergencies: There are 5 common types of dental emergencies. These types of emergencies are dental pain, dental trauma, restorative emergencies, acute oral medical and surgical conditions and Orthodontic emergencies. The usual things that people seek immediate help with dental problems are when there are feeling the pain. The other ones are usually determined by an expert. Below are the types and classifications of dental emergency:

  • Dental Pain – Odontogenic pain and Peri-radicular pain
  • Dental Trauma – Injuries to the hard dental tissues and the pulp and Injuries involving periodontal tissues
  • Restorative emergencies – Lost or broken filling, crown, denture, and Broken or lose implants
  • Acute oral medical and surgical conditions – Trismus, Post-extraction pain, and infection, or dry socket, Bony pathology, Cellulitis, Orofacial swelling, Pericoronitis, Hemorrhage, Postoperative swelling
  • Orthodontic emergencies – Loose or Lost Ligature, Airway obstruction, Protrudin, Fractured removable appliance, Loose removable appliance, Loose or fractured fixed appliance (wire or band), Lost separator/spacer, archwires, Allergic/hypersensitivity reactions, Ingested or aspirated component, De-bonded bracket

Can emergencies be prevented? There are emergencies that can be prevented like dental emergencies that are related to the virus or bacteria since it has something to do with hygiene and prevention. But other things, as they say, are accident thus require emergency dental intervention. The best way to prevent any dental emergencies is to:

  • Take care of your teeth and everything that surrounds it
  • Visit your dentist regularly

There is such a term called emergency dentistry and it should not be taken lightly since the experts that are into this field are taking it seriously and so should you. There are a few things that you need to know about it like the ones mentioned above. But of course, having a good dentist for the job makes a lot of difference in the outcome. For the best emergency dental services Monrovia, check the link.