When speaking about cannabis, what is the first thing that comes in mind? Perhaps, you might be thinking that it is something prohibited. The fact that many countries are banning it, many have claimed that it is a kind of prohibited drug. Now, this is a different side that you will be in here. If you have heard about the plant as a type of prohibited drug, you will see the positive side of this content. Yes! You have heard it right. Cannabis or the popularly known Marijuana is a type of medicinal plant.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is what they called it Marijuana is a psychoactive drug. It is from the Cannabis plant used for recreational and medical purposes. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive part of the plant known as among the 483 compounds found in the plant. It includes the 65 other cannabinoids, which means it is not 100% harmful. Yes, it is being said that it can be harmful because most of the users of it are consuming too much. Of course, there is nothing to be called bad if not too much. When looking for the finest cannabis in the world, ghost drops offer in different categories.

When speaking about cannabis, what is the first thing that comes in mind? Perhaps, you might be thinking that it is something prohibited

The effects of cannabis

According to the study, cannabis has physical and mental effects. Various effects that the user will experience are the following:

  • High feeling
  • Stoned feeling
  • Change in perception
  • Increase appetite
  • Heightened mood

So, no doubt, a lot of users are taking advantage of the effect of the plant. Also, most of the users are using it as a pain killer. With the stoned feeling effect from the plant, the pain you feel from what you are suffering from will be eliminated. Plus, a lot of people say that it can also be used as a treatment of an illness. Most of the users are also thankful for how cannabis can provide to them, especially those losing appetite. The effects has a duration of 2-6 hours. The over 120 compounds present in cannabis have effects that are still unknown. But, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most potent psychoactive agent is distinguished. THC is a crystalline compound, the main active ingredient of Marijuana or cannabis.

The advantages of using cannabis

Cannabis is commonly used for recreation or medicinal drug. Some parts of the world considered using the plant as illegal, but, there are still countries considered it as legal, especially in Canada. The possession and cultivation of the plant were illegalized in some other countries around the world. However, it was declared in Uruguay, as the first country legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Many countries claimed Marijuana as harmful because of the side effects. But, these side effects can’t even harm the user as long as with moderation.