Dragon is part of the culture of Chinese people for many centuries. It is the center of their culture, festivals, and even wedding ceremonies. For the natives of China, it is a symbol of good luck and blessings. The majestic figure of firedrake can be seen carved in many of their jewelry. Out of the jewel’s Dragon Ring, necklace, bangles, and bracelets are quite famous.

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Reasons Behind Wearing This Jewelry Are:

  • A dragon plays a crucial part in the world’s creation. It is symbolic of their Goddess named Nu Gua who was dressed as a woman but had a tail similar to firedrake. Thus, wearing these jewels is a sign of purity and the origin of additional elements. That is the reason for gifting this jewelry as a gift in wedding ceremonies.
  • Dragon is a symbol of power, as all Chinese emperors used it as a symbol of ruling a gigantic empire. It is famous in their mythology that all the living beings are descendants of the firedrake. The emperors are the human carnation of gorgeous-looking animals.
  • The dragon is a divine animal; thus, on every auspicious occasion, its symbolism helps to enrich the divinity of the celebration. On a wedding occasion, the bride is gifted with this jewelry that is made of red gemstones to wish them luck.
  • The firedrake doesn’t look exactly like the enormous creatures. Their dragon is shaped by using various body parts of different animals and birds. Hence, the jewelry looks unique.
  • Dragon art is quite famous in China; thus, no wonder jewel artisans prefer to make top-notch jewelry designed with dragons. Actually, it represents many divine things that make it a favorite design to be shown artistically in jewel accessories.
  • It is part of the Chinese zodiac. Thus, people wearing these jewels are quite lucky, enjoy the good life, and are always healthy. Prosperity knocks at their door and they lead a loveable life.
  • Dragons are symbols of protectiveness. Hence no wonder they mainly engraved it on costly metals to be worn by the people daily. If worn in the right way, it brings a lot of good luck.

You can customize your own engagement dragon ring to symbolize your pure love for your beloved. It represents the beginning and good tiding for you and your family, hence don’t forget to wear them every day. The dragon is a celestial figure according to mythology, thus respectable to be part of your precious jewelry collection.