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Steps one should be knowing for getting the best out of Instagram:

When it comes to social media apps, out generation doesn’t know how to back down. They can almost do anything and everything to justify their presence to the world of internet. One thing that is often neglected by all people in the social media world is the matter of privacy. There are a number of third party applications that can steal your data and you won’t even know about it. That is why it is so important to secure everything that you care about so much and want to showcase the world.


In the present times, there are a number of third party applications or websites, that can assist you in getting followers on instagram but the question is that are all of them genuine in what they deliver. Some are paid ones and some are free but it is always important to know the root cause of the services that offering and what are they asking for. If they are free, then there must be some kind of threat to your content. There are very less premium websites where you can get free instagram followers instantly, such as thelikestagram, that can offer a good number of followers and likes with minimal amount of charge for their services.

The website has been operating for almost three years now and has been recognized as one of the best service delivery portals for the application, Instagram. The site is always running and offering the customers with nothing but the best services ever. When it comes to getting the best out of instagram, this website is something that you need to keep in your browser’s saved pages. There are certain simple steps that you will need to follow to get their services.

First you will need to provide the user name or the email address that is linked to your account and your password as well. Then you verify through a couple of pages whether you’re actually a human and not a robot, this is usually done to comply with the security protocol, based on which the website is built and voila! Your followers and likes will be appearing in no time. Of course, you will have request with the correct amount of followers or likes that you will be needing and based on that you will be charged. This can arguably one of the finest websites, where you will be getting instagram followers instantly.


Used Cars Modesto – Purchase Online is an Easy Way to Get

For potential buyers, the market is open for the sale of any type of automobile. There are many cars that you can advertise or sell available to different dealers. Buyers must first recognize their preferences and then go buy a car. However, there was some frustration in becoming new cars that used. This is not entirely accurate when it is said that used cars are not as consistent. If you adopt a “clock and wait” approach, then there are a lot of transactions that you may stumble upon. You have old cars, old cars, classic cars, fast cars and more to choose from. The current economic situation in many countries benefits many encouraging buyers. This is due to the fact that car owners are forced to get rid of their cars minus the price of money so desirable.

 used cars in modesto

Why purchase online

The Internet is the most popular place in the world where you can search for everything. It only takes a minute to print used cars in a search engine, which is the gateway to many links you can simply see. Create a guarantee that you scan your car on reliable sites that print reliable information. First, most sites do not put their cars up for sale, so spending your time here does not provide any information. Take a look at the reviews of the cars you want to buy, as well as the qualifications that will help you choose the right one. Then it also evaluates its price in other places. Today, dealers have their own car websites, which simplifies their interaction with them.

The buyer should suspect when looking for used cars in modesto online. Over time, when browsing the web, you may have acquired some experience to get the best used car in the market. But to get the right deal, you should always hire a mechanic, because he can judge the car more carefully than you.


Many things can be solved immediately after a request for engine noise. Also check for oil leaks, as well as the mileage so far. Even if the dealer does not know it, the owner will probably know how many miles the car has made so far. You can also find out how many owners owned the car by getting the vehicle identification number. Your mechanic will check the car in detail, including the interior and exterior, and you can also let it check the car and the sound of the engine.

The fantastic used car deals to make a great purchase


There is plenty of vehicles which can be available from the huge number of stocks online. One can choose to go with some of the finest used vehicles that can RB so searched easily in the used-car sections. There are also plenty of the independent used-car lots, which can help owners get some of eh events as by searching through the websites and is a better option than the private-party sellers. All such vehicles can be the best when they fall within the list of vehicles with the lowest selling price. These are the CPO cars which can always have some of the maximum offers with them.  The average price paid can actually be a lower one that can allow the car to move well for a long time.

apex auto

Why is this option a convenient one?

This website can be accessed in such a way that there is an availability of the shopping soon. One can choose to go through the used-car inventory page. This can give one the right choices within the range of including the perfect miles which can be recorded on the car’s odometer. The choice can be also made according to the price and features. This can be the right website which can give one the access to the plenty of used-car as well as can help one save time.

Checking the Vehicle History Report

With such a vehicle from the reliable site, or can be sure to get the vehicle history report. This can actually be treated in the form of the essential early step. However there are also work other vehicles which do not demand the history report. This can be favoured with the help of the Auto Check and Carfax which can be treated in the manner of the sources for the vehicle history reports. This can actually contain with itself the vital information. There is also a convenience in the manner of getting the VIN which can help one to get all the related information, this can also come along with the license plate number.


Practically, three is every convenience available with the pre-owned vehicles. They can go through each and every step of the check as well as can be of the most refined quality to go well with all the customers. This can be a great choice with the huge number of facilities coming with the vehicles.Used cars in raleigh are of the finest quality.

Why Choose Rose Motorcars to Sell your Vehicle?

Rose motorcars are one of the new age automotive dealerships that believe every purchase should be an easy and smooth experience. They believe in providing transparency, selling the best cars, and world-class customer care services. If you are an enthusiast to purchase the last electric used vehicles, then this platform gives you 100% reliable and perfect services to their customers. There is a wide selection of vehicle inventory services available, so you can easily make purchases. If you are interested in selling your vehicle, then you can choose to sell my car Hayward option.

sell my car hayward

They are specializing in getting the customers into the electric vehicle so you will never need to stop at gas pump again. You can save a lot of money on used electric cars rather than purchasing new vehicles. They are also delivering their services internationally as well as domestically. Electric cars are the fastest growing segment of the auto industry. They can offer a lot of savings over needing to fill up your cars every week with electricity that can cost just pennies per mile. To make your purchases, you can visit their official website at If you desire to know about their services, then you can directly contact the team via (510) 400-6042. By the way, there are many reasons to get their services such as:

  • Wide selection inventory: To make purchases of your dream electric used vehicle, then you can get a wide selection of vehicle options which helps to choose one of them as the right vehicle. Moreover, you can also view the inventory online, and you don’t need to visit their office.
  • Affordable services: The main thing about the Rose motorcars is affordability services. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality services at a competitive cost without compromising their quality.
  • Branded cars: Through this platform, you can also get pre-owned as well as used an electric vehicle which you want to purchases then you can.
  • Sell your vehicle: If you desire to sell your vehicle and get instant cash offers, then you have to visit here and choose the sell my car Hayward option. So, you can quickly visit their official site and sell your vehicles.
  • Provide 24/7 customer care services: Through this platform, you can also get 100% reliable and 100% customer support services. This platform offers an excellent opportunity to purchase and sell your vehicle under the expert’s decision.


Why bail bond?

Are you aware of the fact that the bail bond is the place where the culprit is kept? There they are given punishment for wrong deeds. So why and how it is different from other countries. In different countries, we notice the different rules and regulations of the law. So here we will be talking about such one of the country none other than California.  So this country is full of restricted country. Here you have to make sure that you are performing all activities in perfection. They have different regulations of law and bail bonds. The bonds between a jailer and judge are different here. So come on and let’s see.

bail bonds orange county

Famous battle

When we talk about bail bonds orange county.  Then one country comes in our mind is California. Here the serious and most dangerous crime is done but it that culprit is really offensive then he will not get bail so easily. He has to go through the battle in the court and also have to pay some money for getting bail. But if that person is innocent then he can get bail without any amount. In fact, we can say that no cash have to pay him for this. The scenario here is literally different. So you should maintain the thick line between you and yourself.

New rules

One of the new rules has been made by the government of California that if the person belongs to California. He or she have done any wrong or is a culprit. The person has to lose their job. He or she will be restricted from the job. In the future, they can’t afford to have a job. So this is one of the rules made. This country is actually a risky one. You can’t deny the fact for this. It such incident happen to someone then that person has to pay lots of amounts to get bail. There they have to take permission for everything. In fact, you can say so much restricted country.


You should remember one thing that you can get the justice from here.  Whether you belong to a low or high-class family, the punishment for all of them is equal. If you’re not the culprit then definitely you will not get punished. It totally depends on your hand. The better you can do the best results you can get from it.



Millions of login attempts persist every day more fans on instagram  but do you know that out those many are fake login attempts and other are just used while doing hacking of another ID. This is the report by Facebook in recent times so we requisite to know how hackers used to hack our account and how can we protect our self from getting hacked.

Be aware of suspicious activities happening on Instagram

Many experts are advising that whenever your id is compromised that means someone is trying to login into your device. So whenever you find such suspicious activities react immediatelyand change your password or whatever is better to keep your account safe try It is very risky because once a hacker gets control on anyone Facebook id they can do whatever they want. It may be posting of the unwanted post or deleting your useful data.Instagram

One of the most common ways to hack social media account by hackers is that first they advertise to the user and once they click over that or sign up on that given link hacking the started. This is very simple especially in case of students or teenagers as they easily get attracted towards any offers. Hacking can entirely ruin your life as many of your important information are saved in your account.

Reasons for increasing unwanted advertisement

Although owner of social media always looks to avoid this question because they know it can’t be controlled because of so much increase in advertising by many websites. We will try to figure out some reasons for the rapid increase in hacking.

  • Never share data to other website: whenever we see the option of signing up on any website we quickly sign up using Facebook. This is one of the biggest mistakes by all users as a company sells your information to other advertisingCompany and this will be carried on further and in this way, your details are shared on maximum websites.
  • The increase of so much social media: many social media are currently running in the internet world which is leading towards more advertisement that can easily detect your information’s.


No one can avoid the fact that after increase in internet use social life and standard of people have changed drastically but somewhere some dirty minded people are sitting to find any loop in the system and by that, they are destroying all facilities. So it is our responsibility to protect our own social media account because of it one of the most essential parts of our life now a day.

Everything You Need to Know About Anabolic Steroids

Have you ever come across any one of your friends who used to be obese, and recently turned to body building, return slim, with chunks of muscles, abs and a ripped body? Chances are high that he used steroids,especially Anabolic steroids to gain that body within a very short span of time. With body building becoming more than just a passion, and their use increasing, these Anabolic steroids and readily available in the online market. There are several agencies or companies from whom you can buy Anabolic steroids online.

Widely available in the form of pills or injections, Anabolic steroids are man-made drugs to simulate synthetic testosterone. Naturally produced, testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone. They are widely used by athletes, body builders and weight lifters for the following purposes:

  • Improve their physical appearance. Anabolic steroids can help you become extremely lean by cutting down large amounts of weights within a very short span of time.
  • Enhance one’s muscle mass. Anabolic steroids help a person produce synthetic testosterone which is far more superior that the naturally produced testosterone in a male body. This is why people who use steroids are able to easily gain 20 to 30 pounds of solid, bulk muscles within a short period of time.
  • Helps increase a person’s body strength and endurance.
  • Anabolic steroids help people recover from their workout sessions quicker. This means less time required for recovery, more time for workouts and better results in shorter time!
  • Enhanced performance in sports.

Besides being used by athletes, weight lifters and body builders, Anabolic steroids are also used in the medical field for treatment. They are given to HIV and some cancer patients to increase their appetite, improve their muscle mass, andenhance their sense of well-being.

Despite these many benefits, usage of Anabolic steroids also has some disadvantages or side-effects like:

  • A breakout with very severe acne
  • Oily skin and hair
  • Severe mood swings
  • Increased risks of heart and liver diseases
  • Hair loss
  • Severe mood swings

Though it has several side-effects too, many wrestlers, body builders, athletes and weight lifters still prefer to use Anabolic steroids considering that they produce efficient results within a short span of time. Seeing the demand, there are several companys that make these available in the online market. It is now indeed very easy for one to buy Anabolic steroids online.

Best platform to buy bitcoin with debit card

Buying bitcoin with debit card is very easy. With increase in popularity of bitcoins, many platforms are emerging day by day to facilitate bitcoin transaction. These various platform includes various payment methods as per user’s convenience. Many platform also allow the debit card payment. Buy bitcoin debit cards is safer and easier.

Following are the best platform for buying bitcoin:

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is the largest bitcoin trading platform across the world. This platform offers various payment method to buy bitcoin and also supports debit card as one of the major payment mode. It offers advanced security measures and also its trading fees is also low. This platform is fit for the new user as well as the professionals. This platform offers an intuitive interface for beginner and complex platform for the professional traders. This platform provides with various extra trading tools also. Coinbase platform charges a fee of about 1.49%- 3.99%.  Buy bitcoin paypal on this platform is free of any charge. Payment through debit card is same as by bank transfer. All the formalities are same and the security issues is less as compared to credit card.  To get started you just need to sign in and visit the payment method page. Click on the add debit card, this will add your card. You can now buy bitcoins instantly. This method is easy, however before buying bitcoin, you need to upload a government issues id in order to prove your identity


  • Its user friendly interface.
  • Fees is comparatively low.
  • Coinbase is reputed, reliable and secured platform.


  • Supporting end takes time to respond.
  1. io

This is one of the popular exchange platform. It was established as the first cloud mining provider. This exchange provides various cryptocurrencies with more than 450,000 user using it. The verification process of is very simple and also has a sleek interface. The security system of is very tight, hence using credit/debit cards for buying bitcoin is safe. facilitates easy fund transfer to the user account with any payment card. The exchange offers both the services- trading services and brokerage services. The average fees is 7% which will be already included in the exchange rate. Enjoy visiting the site to know more information about it.


  • io is a reputed company.
  • Offers a very tight security.
  • Buying limits are high.


  • This company has higher rate of exchange.
  • This exchange is available in limited countries.

Online Based Invoice Generation and Payment Acceptance

What is the most daunting as well as critical business financial management part? Well, most of the entrepreneurs or business owners would answer that creating business invoices is the most difficult thing. Not just creating the invoice, but managing the invoices is also a critical matter. The job should be done by the experts, though small businesses have limited scopes in this regard. To reduce company overhead and expenses, most of the small scale businesses opt for reducing number of employees and departments. For this, automation is required and invoicing process can be automated through online based tools or software. To learn more, you can click here.

In the following section, we shall check salient benefits of moving to invoice generation and payment acceptance process online.

Online Invoice Generation Saves Time

Generating invoices online saves time for the business owners. You just have to select an invoice format and then you need to enter data as per the format. This will complete invoice generation. You can add digital signature specimen to such online based tools. Virtual invoice can be sent via mail or can be printed to handover to customers as well as clients.

Go Green – Reduce Paperwork

Your paperwork can get reduced significantly with online invoice generation process. You can obviously print invoices when required, though invoices can be sent to email address of the clients easily. Reducing paperwork is always a good thing from environmental point of view. But, it is a cost-effective choice too. Nevertheless, data management gets easier with online invoicing. Invoices are stored on the cloud and they can be accessed from anywhere. Business owners can easily update or edit them online. Click here to learn more.

Get Payments Disbursed Easily

Instead of cash, when you opt for online payment acceptance process, it makes things easier for clients. They can make payments from remote locations. You do not have to send executives for payment collection. As a result, business overhead has been reduced. Nevertheless, clients have to wait for your executives for payment disbursement. There will be no issues with holidays as well. People can make payments online anytime and any day. Make sure that you give payment gateway link to clients along with your invoice so that online payments can be done with ease.

Online invoicing has many other benefits and some of them are accuracy in billing process, different formats for invoices, easy invoice tracking, etc.


Hiring a financial service company is a wise move to keep yourself conscious financially and giving your investment security and stable at the same time you learn in how to manage your wealth wisely.

A financial service company is operated by a group of financial planners or advisors that helps people in educating them about the best moves when it comes to their investments, real estate planning, as well budgeting, insurance as well as retirement planning, education, taxes, and other aspects that involve money through.

Getting your own financial advisor or planner, you should follow some certain considerations that you need to keep in mind in order for you to become financially successful and secured rather than being guided the opposite way that will just expose you to a lot of risks that will endanger your financial plans.

The very first thing that comes to your mind might be ending up hiring the wrong person and become a victim of fraudulent financial advisors who want to milk your money. To ensure that you will land the right person for your needs, you need to have a disciplined approach and process and patience as well.

comment gagner de l argent

According to the gagner de l argent sur internet, the first step to make sure is you should do is to do some little research about the difference between all of the financial aspects that you want to focus in before you even decide to talk to a financial adviser. If you are planning to invest your finances in real estate or education, you should study its pros and cons, its growth as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are done with your research, it is time to find a financial advisor by not just settling for one candidate, you should extend your list by talking to more financial advisors in your area and narrow it down to the one that has the best credentials. Do not settle for anything less, make sure you hire the best one since your money is involved in this kind of interaction.

The search for a reputable financial advisor might be a daunting task but with the help of the available technology nowadays, it turns out to be a whole lot easier.

This is because the reputable and trusted financial service companies often provide a review panel where you can see its ratings, read client’s testimonials, and reviews. This is not just to convince you but also to make you feel the much-needed complacency to hire one of their financial advisors. The people speak itself so there is no reason for you to be skeptical about their work.

Despite the positive reviews and ratings from its clients; you should remain to be always a critical thinker; which means you should ask questions that bother you because, in this way, it will make you more feel secured every time you ask them questions that they are able to answer precisely and confidently.

Decide to pick the colour of choice from the huge collection

The elegance can be brought to your home with the use of the drapes and curtains. The main advantage of using the curtains is you have a better heat regulation at your home. The complete range of fabrics is available for the customers on our website at a cost price. You can find a huge collection of colours if you decide to pick from the plain colours. The range of roller blinds designs is suitable for modern Australian homes as they are designed specifically. There is a larger width for the glass sliding doors and windows as the curtains have a great fixture. All the curtains will fit your windows perfectly as they have a general allowance. The better functionality and looks can be achieved if you prefer to layer your curtains. If you want to experience the comfort of your home then you can purchase the curtains online.

Select from the beautiful texture:

You can replicate with the other roller blinds to provide a luxury look for your home. The customers can match their blinds with the other type of blinds as we have a collection of the hard blind fabrics. The beautiful sheer fabrics will include a block out so that you can select from the beautiful texture of your choice. The indoor roller blinds can be customized according to your needs. The translucent light filtering or transport light can be selected by the customers based on their choice. The roller blinds are nothing but the roller shades which comes in a range of plains. You can prefer the practical double roller blinds if you require the night and day privacy. The greys and whites can hit the colour target to their darker tones.


Get an instant price quote:

It is easy to install and measure the roller blinds which are available online. You will be navigated to a page of roller blind products in order to get an instant price quote. The roller blinds online will help you to save your money and time. The customers must ensure to enter the measurements when they search for the roller blind products. The customized roller blinds can perfectly fit the windows in your home. All the kinds of the budget should be taken into consideration by the customers in order to find the target price. The extended warranty is offered for the dollar blind as we only use the high-quality parts for the purpose of manufacture.


Everything You Need To Know About GMC Truck

Returning to the history of GMC trucks, we can see that they are based on the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company of the early 20th century. Rapid Motor Company was known for the single cylinder trucks it offered in the market. In 1909, General Motors acquired a company that paved the way for the emergence of general trucks.

Brief history

At the same time, in the early 1900s, GMC or General Motor Corporation acquired another automaker, Reliance Motor Car Corporation. These two GM acquisitions were combined in 1911. A year later, the first GMC trucks were launched on the market in 1912 at the New York Auto Show. The experts in this exhibition gave positive and attractive responses to the GM trucks.

Because the name of the company is usually reduced to GMC, it is usually confusing with GMC, the truck. To solve this problem, the company decided to change the name of General Motor Corporation to simply General Motors or GM. Therefore, GMC has become a registered trademark for large cars produced by the company. Yellow Coach, a bus manufacturer, sold most of GM’s shares in 1925, handing over control packages. In 1943, GM completely acquired the company and transformed it into a division of Coach General Motors.

GMC trucks

GMC was able to create up to 600,000 large cars for the military group of the United States government during World War II. The main vehicles offered by GMC today include SUVs, trucks, military tanks and trucks, which have been offered for sale in centers located in the Middle East and in North America.

The production of huge GM vehicles, such as city buses and trucks, continued until the 1980s. The Canadian Center even established itself in Ontario, London, in 1962 to assist in the construction of buses. The construction of the cars ended in 1987, when GM sold the Transport Transit series of the Transport Manufacturing Corporation. On the other hand, the traditional design division was acquired by the Canadian company Motor Coach.

Final word

The creation of GMC vehicles, such as pickups and SUVs, continues to this day. Although during the history of GMC also installed vehicles such as firefighters, buses, buses, military tanks and mobile homes. Under General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC are subsidiaries, these two units generally offer cars with the corresponding outer cover. The only changes in the identification plates plus the grid style. The GMC headlights, which are quadrangular from 1962, until 1972, Chevrolet offers double headlights.

Best prices are offered at our company to guarantee the market needs of IPTV server

The users can detect the future of live tv on the device of their choice. You can get the video on demand as there are hundreds of movie channels. The premium channels can be accessed instantly when compared to the ordinary channels. If there is a stable internet connection then there will no freezing and buffering in the solid IPTV service. The market needs can be guaranteed with the best price offered at our company. The customer support team is available round the clock to provide the best services for the customers. The private IPTV Server with a stable internet connection can be used if you want to access the channels with the best IPTV providers.

Facilities offered in subscription plan:

The internet protocol suite can be used to deliver the services for the customers. You can stream the channels and media directly from the source to your device with the facilities offered in your subscription plan with IPTV Server. The IPTV subscription plan is one of the popular plans which offers many channels to the customers. The biggest service providers will offer the best services for the customers at reasonable prices. If there is any trouble with your IPTV service provider then you can feel free to contact our customer support team. The IPTV subscriptions are available with higher quality to watch all your TV shows and sports. The channels offered in your subscription will Varta from time to time.


Stream with the highest quality:

The highest quality channels of movies and series are offered by the best IPTV service providers. There are many trusted IPTV subscription services which are currently available in the market. The reliable IPTV services can be provided if your focus is crystal focus. You can find many channels in full HD so that you can stream with the highest quality. The best IPTV will help you to view the streams offered by the notable IPTV providers. You can create an impressive channel list which will include the channels which you like the most. The stable sources from the IPTV channels will provide the re-stream solutions for the customers.


Restyle your bathroom according to the new trends in the cladding world

If you are disturbed about the adequate choice for your future bathroom restyling then you have to start thinking about the cladding of your future bathroom. Like that, you will be fundamentally astonished by the massive results that you are going to trigger easily. We are going to have a deep understanding of how can the bathroom cladding handles you the best restyling power for your future bathroom unique styles.

 bathroom cladding

Project your inner style into your future bathroom cladding styles

No matter what style you are following in your life, you will be easily able to find the accurate option that can handle you the top outcomes for your future bathroom. If you have little children, then you have to think about some funny and delightful ideas that can enlighten your future bathroom. It is one of the secrets places that can make you live the top feelings and the precious memories during your family life. We can find as a precious example, sparkle claddings. They are one of the most shining types when you think about restyling your future bathroom. All that you have to do is to choose the right material for your future ideas. Like that, you can merge the sparkling charm with your future vision of your bathroom easily.

The new rise of the features walls for your future cladding bathroom renewing

In addition to that, we can find the feature wall. This type can make you print anything that you are having in your mind in the right place. This way can handle you w very flexible customized way to deal with any kind of printed tools in your renewable journey. There are many professionals in the area that can handle you any kind of drawing into your cladding walls. All that you have to start doing is to check how can you shape your own ideas to projects them in real draws. After that, the agencies in the field can help you print them in the real world. There are many trends in the featuring walls of the bathrooms. You have just to pick the credible ones basing on the previous feedback of the customers. Check the credibility in the net, forums and the trusted people in the area. We are obviously living in the world of information sharing age. So detecting the trusted company has become a truly easy task without any small doubt.

Couchtuner Review – There’s More to Life Than Movies

As a family with three children of primary school age, we do not have much time to sit together in front of the television. But when we do this, none of the children will be ready for primetime drama or for most comedy shows. These programs do not attract the attention of children or have an inappropriate subject. And besides Survivor, we’re not passionate about reality shows.

Our evenings, to sit in front of the television, are so casual that we do not like to rent movies at a local video store. Most of the time they came back (late) and we never managed to see them. Then, when we saw the announcement of the free trial version of Couchtuner, we decided to try it. Since then, we have discovered that Couchtuneris ​​especially good for families with small children.



  1. The site has a large selection of names of families and children, including my favorite children. For example, when my two older children finish reading a book, they like to add a headline to our line of movies and finally, as a family, we catch up with all those movies we wanted to see. Sometimes, when we add movies to our line, we draw a space. And that’s when we use comments from critics and other participants on the Couchtunerwebsite. You can also see the recommendations we provide based on how you rated the movies you saw earlier. You can connect online at any time and add headlines in turn, or rearrange the movies in the current queue. More than 100,000 items are available throughout the site.
  2. It’s cheap. Plans start at $ 4per month and there are no late payments or due dates. This was another important point for us, because due to our busy schedules, sometimes watching movies can take several weeks. In other cases, we see a movie the same day it arrives and we turn around and send it the next day.
  3. It is really convenient. When you have finished with the DVD, simply put it in the mailbox of the prepaid envelope. When couchtuner receives it, they will send you an email, and then another email, when the next movie comes out of your line, so you know when to expect it.